Our Background

As a response to a need to involve Civil Society in the national HIV/AIDS response, the STD/AIDS Control Program/Ministry of Health initiated a consortium of stakeholders involved in the interventions among Sex Workers. This included Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Academic institutions and the public sector. The initial outcome of these efforts was the formation of the Uganda Network for Sex Work Projects (UNSWP). Although there was commitment from the MoH and member organizations, it was not possible to continue without support and funding to the Secretariat. Recognized as an important component in the efforts to harmonize activities among MARPs organizations, AFFORD/UHMG took the lead in order to revive the network. With the guidance of the STD/ACP/MoH the network was re-launched with the aim of, targeting those most-at-risk of acquiring and transmitting STDs and HIV. Under the new name, Most At-Risk Populations (MARPs) Network, the MARPs Network expanded their reach to include CSWs, their clients and population groups that were identified as MARPs in the Uganda HIV/AIDS Sero Behavioral (UHSBS) Survey 2004/5 and the National Strategic Plan (NSP) 2007/8 – 2011/12.

Founding Members

Private Sector

  1. Most At-Risk Populations Initiative – STD/ACP/Ministry of Health
  2. Uganda People’s Defense Forces – ACP/Ministry of Defense
  3. Uganda Police – ACP/Ministry of Internal Affairs

Private Sector

  1.  Amalgamated Transport and General Workers Union (ATGWU)
  2.  Health Consult International (HCI)
  3. Humanitarian Care Uganda (HCU)
  4. Ssesse Community Development Association (SSECODA)
  5. Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG)
  6. Uganda Humanistic Effort to Save Women (UHESWO)
  7. Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL)
  8. Women At Work International (WAWI)
  9. Women And Youth Services (WAYS)

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