In 2014/2015, MARPs Network implemented a project named “Nothing for us without us – tailoring and coordinating behavioral, biomedical, and structural interventions for KPs in Uganda”. Through this project, MNS coordinated 8 MARP-specific CSOs to reach 1101 MARPs with HIV service demand creation and prevention interventions in a period of three months.

In 2015, MARPs Network in partnership with UNAIDS conducted an Impact Assessment of 3 laws on LGBT (The Anti-pornography law 2014, The HIV prevention and Control law 2014, Anti-homosexuality law 2014).

In 2015, with funding from Global Fund, MARPs Network conducted nationwide documentation of intervention models for reaching MARPs with HIV demand creation services.

In 2014/2015, MARPs Network implemented a 1-year project “Engaging faith based organisations: a quest to reach out to MARPs in Uganda project)”. This project targeted top religious leaders through advocacy geared towards creation of an enabling environment for delivery of inclusive HIV services to key populations.

In 2013/2014, MARPs Network implemented “Strengthening engagement and involvement of PLWD and KP in Global Funds new funding model processes”. Through this Global Fund pilot initiative project, MARPs Network documented programming priorities for key populations and people living with diseases, which later formed the 2014 key populations charter.

In 2014, MARPs Network worked in partnership with Makerere School of Public Health in a study to document barriers to access and utilization of HIV services for sex workers and men who have sex with men

In 2012/13, MARPs Network coordinated a “Synergy Model Project (SMP)” aimed at increasing access to and uptake of HIV and STI services among MSM in three districts of central Uganda; Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono. Working with two community based organisations (Spectrum Uganda Initiatives and Ice Breakers Uganda) and two health service institutions (Most At Risk Populations Initiative and St. Paul’s Reconciliation and Equality Center), the SMP reached over 700 MSM with services.

In 2012, MARPs Network conducted nationwide mapping of MARPs service organizations and allies in Uganda. This, in part, contributed to the current MARPs Network Membership directory.

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